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Loïc Calvez

Loïc Calvez is Co-Founder and CEO of ALCiT.

Loïc Calvez is Co-Founder and CEO of ALCiT. Over the last 20 years, he had the privilege to work with small and large organizations, as a client buying solutions and as a vendor selling them. Most of them were in highly compliant verticals such as finance, energy and pharma, covering multiple compliance bodies in North America and Western Europe (SOC, NERC, HIPAA, FDA, PCI, PIPEDA …) giving him a great exposures to the nuances of the world. Today, via ALCiT, Loïc is focusing on building secure solutions that work in the real world and speaking at events to help raise the awareness around Cybersecurity. ALCiT specializes in taking large enterprise tools, packaging them through standardized configuration and making them available to Small and Medium Businesses helping them raise their Cybersecurity posture and defend their data.